My Thoughts on Pregnancy

I've received a lot of questions lately on my pregnancy. The truth is every pregnancy is different. What one woman might experience another may not. I've heard some women who have had great pregnancies... and some not so much. Some have had severe morning sickness and some are so lucky they don't feel anything at all. I wouldn't judge any one pregnancy if you are trying to conceive - don't let anyone's stories scare you as yours will be completely different.

For those who know me, this is my first pregnancy and I've been pretty fortunate to have a pretty good one. I had the typical morning sickness and nausea during the first three months. I couldn't even head out the house without wanting to throw up. Oh the joys. I couldn't even enjoy the food my hubby cooked for my birthday this year. I was lucky enough to get lots of rest and sleep in all day. Thankfully that part is over!

I guess its true what they say.... the second trimester is the best. I had my energy back and I was able to finally eat again (yay!). I got up early everyday with no issues, I slept pretty decently, and I was able to do almost anything. I felt pretty good during this time.

I was finally able to eat anything I wanted to without feeling horrible after. I wish I had cravings like what you see on TV... I guess the best cravings I have are anything sweet or salty (and I am so not a salty person). Even though I'd indulge in lots of deserts, I still ate healthy. So... I had a good balanced diet :)

Now I'm into my third trimester and I have to say I am thankfully still full of energy - most days anyways. Notas much as I'd like these days but I'll take what I can get for now. During this time I am trying to rest as much as possible and stay stress free. Believe me when I say I rest whenever I can. The resting part is a bit hard to do since its getting harder to sleep. No matter what position I get into I just can't get comfy! Sadly the lack of sleep is hard to avoid but I'm hopeful I will get some rest soon! We won't even get to the amount of times I go to the restroom - day and night. I'll leave it at that!

I won't lie... I have been pretty tiny most of my life. Now at this stage it is hard to see myself gain almost 30 pounds and I still have two months left. But I have to remind myself that it's all good and it's all for my baby growing inside me. The hardest part so far was getting dressed for my friends wedding just a week ago. I tried on so many dresses and nothing fit. I am the type of person who never tries anything on. The process was frustrating I almost cried. But I didn't. I found something decent enough and being visibly pregnant, I think it didn't matter as long as I looked "ok". Thankfully, I don't have any other functions to go to for the rest of this year!

This experience has brought me complete happiness. To see my husband look at me and look at his growing baby brings me so much joy that I can't even express. I get bigger on a daily basis and this baby boy is moving like crazy! We cannot wait for our little guy to come into this world!