Cindy Silva

I'm want to share my experience with Sacha as my Makeup Artist from the start she was very friendly and so easy to talk with she at some point didn't talk to me as a client she spoke to me as a friend still being professional she was organized did a schedule to set up time for my bridal team to get their makeup done and hair and she had an assistant come to help her who was just as amazing as Sacha. My bridal team was so happy they loved the way their makeup and how their hair looked and of course i was more than happy Sacha did an amazing job with my bridal makeup and hair she is honestly fantastic! She even gave me a touch up bag i thought it was so sweet from her. If you are looking for a phenomenal makeup artist Sacha is the right person for you! she will leave you and your bridal team looking fabulous! Thank you Sacha for everything!